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DAA Supplements

Testosterone boosters have been around for ages. Ever since the days of Arnold Schwarzennegar people have had a fascination with steroids and their effects on the human race. One of the newer testosterone boosters on the market is the DAA supplement. People who haven’t heard of DAA wonder what it is made of and if it really works.

As with any other supplement on the market, people want real clinical research to back up the claims made by supplement companies. Oftentimes, supplement companies will make drastic claims when it comes to the effectiveness of a supplement. It is important that we do not fall for these marketing tactics and that we use our brain when we are spending our hard earned money on supplements to help us meet our fitness goals.

All of the answers on the questions you have about DAA supplements can be found in this article. We will discuss what DAA supplements actually are and if there is real true research done on the supplement.

A New Testosterone Booster

DAA is just another term for D-Aspartic acid. Aspartic acid is one of the non-essential amino acids found in our body. This means that it is one of the building blocks of protein and is found in our muscle tissues. French pharmacist Plisson was the intelligent man who uncovered this amino acid. The L form of this aspartic acid is just another one of our amino acids.

Specific tissues in the body have the ability to take this amino acid and convert it to a racemate isomer which is the d form of the acid, making it d-aspartic acid. This is where all of the magic happens in the body and all of the positive effects from the supplement come into play.

DAA supplements cause the body to go through a lot of changes including increasing how much gonadotrophin and luteinizing hormones are released in the body. In addition to this, the supplement will increase how much nitric acid the body produces, giving you a much better pump and much harder muscles.

But this is not what makes a DAA supplement one of the best supplements on the market right now. The real reason is that DAA is a breakthrough testosterone booster that helps the body make more testosterone through increased production.

Potential Side Effects of Testosterone Boosters

Taking a hormone supplement always will come with potential side effects. The most important side effect for you to know is that when you take a hormone supplement it will inhibit your natural hormones. This means that when you are taking the new supplement, your body’s endocrine system will react and try to keep a normal balance throughout the body, therefore resisting the increased testosterone coming from the testosterone booster. This process is called homeostasis.

In layman’s terms, the body will try to avoid having too little or too much of any certain hormone, and it will react quickly to a sudden spike in the amount of hormones flowing through your blood. When you start taking testosterone, it is very possible that your brain will react by signaling to your reproductive system that it should stop producing testosterone. Your body will want you to slow down or even halt the production of testosterone if it feels that there is enough of it floating around the blood stream. Once this happens, testosterone levels will dip and go back to the normal level that they were at previously, This is not what you want if you are looking to use your increased testosterone levels for building mass and gaining strength in the weight room.

The bright side is that the DAA supplement does not come with the same side effects as a normal testosterone booster does. DAA supplements actually help your body increase the production of its own testosterone, rather than introducing it from a foreign place. There is no actual negative response that comes from the body’s endocrine system, meaning that you will not see any negative response from the body when you are taking this testosterone booster.

There have been no side effects introduced for DAA supplements. When trying to figure out how much of the supplement you should take, simply follow the advice that comes from the manufacturer that you are buying the supplement from.

Since DAA supplements are considered testosterone boosters, you must stay within the recommended dosage range or else you risk hurting your body. It is very possible to overdose on a testosterone booster so make sure that you are taking the right amount of pills for the day.

DAA – Tested on Humans?

The truth is that a lot of the testosterone boosters on the market have not been backed up by clinical research.

What separates a DAA supplement from the rest of the testosterone boosters on the market is that there is a ton of scientific evidence pointing to the effectiveness of it. Even after the test subjects in a recent study from Italy quit taking the DAA supplement, the body showed elevated testosterone levels for three days after.

How Much Should I Take?

Most users of DAA supplements take it in the morning on an empty stomach. The average dose for the morning is 3 grams.

There are new instructions now that come directly from DAA supplement manufacturers. These instructions are important because they are a summary of the last year or two of customer experience with the supplement. It is recommended that you take two servings of 3 grams of DAA. You will be doing this once in the morning and once at night.

With testosterone boosters, it makes sense not to continue taking it for long periods of time. You must cycle it in order to keep its effectiveness. A good suggestion that comes directly from a large supplier of DAA supplements is to take it for two weeks on at a time and then take a week off before you start taking it again. This gives your body a chance to regulate but it also makes it so that your body doesn’t automatically assume that you will be feeding it a DAA supplement every day.


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